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Goats and Vaccines through
the SR-CRSP in Kenya

The SR-CRSP has two research components in Kenya. The first concentrates on animal health management through biotechnology. In developing countries, a persistent problem has been finding an economical and efficient way to control small ruminant diseases. Creating and producing a relatively inexpensive vaccine through recombinant technology capable of protecting animals from many diseases is envisioned as one possible solution. Socio-economics objective within this component is to identify the socio-economic barriers or constraints to vaccine development production and distribution, as well as its utilization by small ruminant producers.

The locus of most of this research is presently in Kenya, but its objectives are global. The international community has invested considerable resources in the development of veterinary vaccines over the past few decades, but the benefits of these investments can only be obtained if means are found to organize the development, production and utilization of vaccines on a sustained basis. Present efforts of socio-economics fall into two categories -studies of the institutional barriers to the development of vaccines, and studies of the actual production and distribution of vaccines.

The second component in Kenya is the Dual Purpose Goat (DPG). The SR-CRSP has been working in western Kenya for more than ten years. A technological package to support the Kenyan Dual Purpose Goat breed created by the SR-CRSP, has been developed. In the interim changes have taken place in the farming systems, in part due to the project. The SR-CRSP is facing out of western Kenya, and farmers raising goats must continue production without the benefits of technical assistance. Analysis of the factors constraining or facilitating adoption of the DPG and supporting technologies is essential to an effective extension phase, which is beyond the realm of the program. If positive social and economic impacts are expected this information becomes essential. Assessment of micro and macro socio-economic impacts are being carried out to provide information for the next phase to be carried out by the Government of Kenya: extension and adoption of technologies.

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