The Small Ruminant
Collaborative Research Support Program
at the University of Missouri


The Small Ruminant Collaborative Research Support Program (SR-CRSP) is one of the CRSPs created by the Title XII act to contribute to the welfare of poor farmers in developing countries. With a multidisciplinary focus technologies are produced to benefit small household producers in crop-livestock systems around the world.

The objective is to impact people through increased welfare generated through sheep, goat and south american camelid production, the species of animal held by small and poor farmers around the world. Another important objective is to strenghthen national agricultural research institutions and contribute to develop of human capital to enable sustainable research production in the host country institutions.

Rural sociology provides the leadership for sociological research in the SR-CRSP. For the past thirteen years faculty and graduate students from this department have contributed to the development of technology that is appropriate to cultural and social systems in Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, Morocco, Kenya and Bolivia. Special areas of research and development have been and are, participatory research, women in livestock production, privatization of veterinary services and vaccine development, technology adoption and research on sustainable small ruminant production systems in diverse environments. We are also leading the economics research efforts in Kenya, since 1992, and Bolivia, since 1994. Currently faculty, research associates and graduate students from the Departments of Rural Sociology and Agricultural Economics as well as International Agriculture Programs of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources are concentrating their research efforts in Kenya, Bolivia and Indonesia.

For more information contact:

Corinne Valdivia

Small Ruminant Collaborative Research Support Program
Social Science Unit
College of Agriculture Food and Natural Resources
University of Missouri-Columbia
Phone: 573-882 4020

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